Using the tools available through the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Education portal, a number of projects are available for those wishing to delve deeper into astronomy.

All projects are made available through the education team of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey

The idea that we live in an expanding universe is one of the most unexpected and important discoveries of 20th century physical science. For tens of thousands of years, everyone, including astronomers, had assumed that the universe was a stable, unchanging stage on which astronomical events played themselves out. But in the 1910s and 1920s, several physicists and astronomers made several discoveries that defied easy explanation. These discoveries started to come together in the late 1920s, and finally in 1929, an astronomer named Edwin Hubble published a paper that helped to explain these results. In this project, you will retrace Hubble's steps, seeing the same bizarre phenomena that he saw. You will discover for yourself that the universe is expanding.