21st Century education is tasked with preparing the next generation to succeed in life in a technologically fast developing world. The focus of this session uses STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities to teach students (ages 6 to 18) how to think critically and solve problems in our rapidly changing world.  The hands-on approaches are designed to help teachers guide students in developing these important skills.  The activities involve easily attainable materials and many of the activities are resourced from NASA.  The in-class examples of problem solving resources leads to preparing students to solve real world problems.

Presented:  3/7-9 2019

Presenter:  Frances Dellutri 

Event: GHOU Asian Conference

Attendees: Nepal and international Teachers  of students grade 8 - 12

 Topics: Science:  Physics: wave behavior,

Astronomy/Technology: radio telescope use

Scientific Investigation, Data Collection and Analysis

Math: Inverse Square Law, graping

Engineering: Designing 'Ear' Antennae