Topic outline

  • LEO Art Challenge Workshop at the 35th Space Symposium

    he 35th Space Sumposium presented by the Space Foundtion in Colorado Springs, CO, USA April 8 - 11 provides the vehicle for presenting the LEO Art Challenge Workshop to attending teachers.

    Date:  April 8, 2019

    Location: Colorado Spings, CO, USA

    Application:  STEAM: Science, Technology, the Arts and Math

    Classroom age appropirate:  10 - 18              Classroom Time: 60 - 90 minutes (can be segmented)

    Presenters:  Lynne Zielinski 

    The information presented in this workshop will help you guide students in submitting THEIR zines to the

    LEO Art Challenge:

    • Lesson Plan as Submitted to Space Foundation

      The lesson plan below for LEO Art Challenge was submitted to the Space Foundation and presented at the 35th Space Symposium by Lynne Zielinski.

    • Educational Standards for LEO Art Challenge


       • MS-PS3-5

      • MS-ESS-2



      • CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.8.3   

      • CCSS-ELA-LITERACY.W.8.3.11-12.3




      • CCSS-ELA-LITERACY.W.11-12.4   


      • Educational Objectives

        Students Will:

        - Collaborate, cooperate, and create a ‘zine’ that describes one of the phenomena and/or objects associated with LEO (Low Earth Orbit)

        - Engage in critical thinking as a 21st century skill

        - Apply knowledge to a creative form of art that provides technical information

        - Apply knowledge to write technical information in an artistic way 

        - Gain assistance in preparing a zine to submit to the SpacEdge LEO Art Challenge:

        • Zine Examples

          Art students made the attached zines.  Their science class required them to use zines to portray and explain a subject related to astronomy.

        • Supplies Needed for constructing a zine.

          Supply List:




          Scotch Tape

          Colored Pencils or Markers

          Zine Template  

          Copies of Zine 

          • Zine Template

            The LEO Art Challenge Zine Tempate can be downloaded. 

            Make a straight cut along the dashed lines.  Instructions on how to fold the template are found in the PowerPoint Presentation.

          • Resources: Websites and Links

            "How to Fold a Zine" video: 

            LEO Art Challenge website:

            ➢ This website contains all the information needed along with templates and printable examples of zines.

            ➢ It also hosts a contest opportunity where students can submit a zine and gain a certificate.


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