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  • General Information for Teachers


    Project - "Moon Over Us: Phases and Faces" 

    (January-February 2022)

    Age Group: 08-12 years old

     The Internet Address for this project is:

    1. All teachers/mentors of this project, after you have created your account kindly refer to the Activities tab on how to create your Padlet account & make a Padlet for our Moon Over Us Project. 
    2. There are currently 08 challenges associated with the currently active project. Participants are requested to go through the Challenges Section which explains them in finer details.

  • Introduction


    Authors: Bonnie Thurber, Hongfeng Guo                                                                                                                                                                       Updated July 2022

    Grade Levels/Ages: Grades 5-8, Middle School

    Subject Areas: Science, Astronomy, Space Science, Language Arts, Art


    Short Description:  In this project, students become cultural astronomers. They take a survey about the moon; draw images or take digital pictures of the moon once a week or more at approximately the same time each evening for one month to get the full cycle. After posting their images with time, date, latitude, and longitude, students research and compare each others' images of the moon; create more web pages that include poetry, history, beliefs, stories, and research. Students use dialogue, comments, and discussion to share their valuable insights. The project ends with a final survey and sharing reflections. Students receive iCollaboratory/Kidlink/SpacEdge Web Badges and certificates for completing each of the four sections of the project. Students also receive a certificate for completing all four sections of the project.

    Welcome to "Moon Over Us: Phases and Faces" Shared Project!


    Moons from Galileo's notebook

       Contributed by: Dinesh Sushanth Kasthala 


    Welcome to the project "Moon Over Us". This project promotes the observations of the Moon by students on different continents. Students learn about the Moon, its distance from Earth, and how it changes its shape. Each evening they observe and sketch or take pictures of the Moon during from the first waxing crescent right after the New Moon to  Full Moon and then back to the New Moon.  As this is happening students add their images to the class webpages with their observations about the changes each day.

    In the project, students and teachers from around the world exchange results and analyze the differences of images of the Moon phases and discuss this information by commenting on each others pages.

    In addition, students research and share different faces of the Moon, history, beliefs, stories, legends, and poetry about the Moon. The result is an intercultural exchange of explanations about the differences and similarities of each country from the sky, the data gathering technology, and cultural traditions. This is considered a STEAM project.

    在“我们上方的月亮”里,学生可以学习更多关于月亮在空中运动的知识。在这里,来自世界各地的学生和教师分享关于月球的信息, 并且在每个人的网页上讨论这些信息。

  • Challenge 01: Take the Initial Survey (Pre-Project Survey)

    Challenge 01 is a Pre-Project Survey, to enroll on the project "Moon Over Us: Phases and Faces, Jan-Feb 2022" .

    • This is a mandatory pre-requisite to ensure the team participation making it eligible for the challenges. 
    • After the participants complete & submit the survey successfully, they are awarded a badge upon evaluation of their individual answers.

    Representative Image for Challenge 01 Badge

    (Representative Image for Challenge 01 Badge)

  • Challenge 02: First Day Videos

    Task 01: Visualize The Moon Upside Down from different hemispherical views

    Task 02: Learn about the Phases of the Moon from the Slide Show

    Task 03: To learn whether the phase of the Moon is waxing or waning?

    Task 04: Student Activity (Name the Moon Phase) 

    Complete the four tasks mentioned above and take the self-test and the quiz accurately and you earn this badge!

    Representative Badge for Challenge 02 Completion

    (Representative Image for Challenge 02 Badge)

  • Challenge 03: Creating and Sharing Images 2 or 3 Times A Week During the Active Period of the Project

    A) For teachers: 

    • View the following video on How to Create Your Own Padlet 

    Clink on the link below to reach our iSTEAM Moon Over Us International Padlet Project :

         Moon Over Us-Phases & Faces (Jan-Feb 2022): Global Observations

    A Few Sample Padlets active under the Fall Moon Over Us Project:        

    B) For Everyone:

    Take photographs, videos, and record audio (optional) of the Moon over your home each evening. Save the images in .jpg or .png format with the name, latitude and longitude and upload individual images to your classroom Padlet.


    1. Your Student's Name : Bíbíshá Khátrí
    2. His/her Location : Ranipauwa_11, Pokhara 
    Don't Forget: 

    1. Time of Observation: Around 08 : 30am (Local Standard Time)
    2. Phase of the Moon Observed: Waning Gibbous

    Geographical Location of the Observer(s):Cresent Moon over Dubai
    1.   Longitude : 28.2199⁰N
    2.   Latitude : 83.9976⁰E

    Say something about the image

    When taking the photo, the Moon needs to be low enough in the sky so you can include the ground, trees, or buildings to ensure the picture is right side up.             

     Image Courtesy: Adithya Venkatesh

    Dubai (25.2620° N, 55.3987° E), October 10, 2021

    Padlet link: National Astronomy Challenge - Moon Over Us 

    Sometimes the Moon is visible in morning or evening or night (or even afternoon as well).  Take an image as per the visibility of the Moon and make sure your label says the correct time and date for the image.

    If the sky is too overcast, please draw a picture of what the Moon should look like and upload the same to the Padlet.Fred Sun's Gibbious, Beijing, China


    C) For Students: 

    1. Record the exact time, date and the place, the image was taken.  记录你拍照的确切时间和地点。
    2. Save the image(s) in .jpg or .png format with your name, the image type, time, date, latitude and longitude. 
    3. Upload individual image(s) to your Classroom Padlet.  
    4. Example of student images and recording data in a classroom Padlet from our previous edition of Project Moon Over Us:       


    This is an activity that needs to be completed 2-3 times a week during the entire Project.

    When you have images of the eight phases of the moon, please create a collage or other art work that includes the 8 phases. (New Moon may be blank). 


    Representative Image for Challenge 03 Badge

    (Representative Image for Challenge 03 Badge)

  • Challenge 04: Adding Comments to Padlet School Pages


    • Log in to your Class/School/Team/Club Padlet from the given link:
    • Please select at least one gallery from your Class/School/Team/Club Padlet and at least two galleries from other Padlets. 
    • Read the information and comment on the Padlet post(s).


    The comment may contain complete sentences with the answers to these questions: 

    • What did you find on the page that caught your eye? 
    • What information is accurate on the page? 
    • What do you like about the page? 
    • After comment, if possible, ask a question as well so the creator may reply.

    你的评论需要由完整的句子组成,并回答以下问题:你在网页上发现了什么东西非常吸引你的眼睛? 网页上的什么信息非常的详细?你喜欢这个网页的什么地方?

    Representative Image for Challenge 04 Badge

    (Representative Image for Challenge 04 Badge)

  • Challenge 05: Creating The Representation of The Observed Images of The Moon

    Collage of Moon Phases

    Collage Courtesy: Ira Jain

    Padlet link: Team Citistars

    •  When you have all your images uploaded to Padlet, create a collage, video or other piece of art work. 保存你的图像为Jpg格式,并且稍后上传到网站。

    • Video or audio recordings can be 30 seconds or shorter and can be recorded with a laptop computer when you take a picture.

    • You will use these media items later in this project.


    Representative Image for Challenge 05 Badge

  • Challenge 06: History and Beliefs About The Moon

    Choose from:

    1. Poetry or story;

    2. Moon photography;

    3 Drawing or sketching. 

    This is a special activity to bring out the creativity of the students on a Classroom Padlet.

    Please have your students post the beliefs about the Moon on your Classroom Padlet as per the local traditions. You may include the information about any (or all) of the following topics:

    • What do you know about the Moon, any mythological reference or anecdotes ? (Intercultural dialogue)
    • Has the Moon been closer to the Earth than it is now?
    • Do some research, what is your favourite fact about the Moon ?
    • Do some research, what is your favourite idea of how the Moon changes its shape (phase)?
    • Can you tell a story, or write a poem,or illustrate something you love or know about the Moon?

    Representative Image for Challenge 06 Badge Representative Image for Challenge 06 Badge Representative Image for Challenge 06 Badge

    (Representative Images for Challenge 06 Activities Badges)

  • Challenge 07: Taking The Images of The Moon with NASA's MicroObservatory Robotic Telescope Network

    Taking A Simple Image of The Moon with 
    NASA's MicroObservatory Robotic Telescope Network.

    Fun Activity: To Create Impact Craters

    Fun Activity - Impact Craters

    (Image Source: Padlet-Moontastic month! from Moon Over Us: Phases & Faces, Oct-Nov 2021)

    Representative Image for Challenge 07 Badge

    (Representative Image for Challenge 07 Badge)

      • NASA only has one telescope that does this. It is located in the USA so the angle of the moon is from the Northern Hemisphere. 
      • You will receive a notice via email when your image has been taken.
      • If you have a different telescope available to you, please feel free to use it so we see the moon from a different angle. 
          • Please save the image as both a .fits/.fts file and a .jpg/.png file.  
      • Upload the saved .fts /.fits and .jpg/.png file on your Team Padlet. 
      Thank you!

    • Click the link above, read the instructions and create a crater on the Moon or the Earth.

  • Challenge 08: Take The Final Survey (Post-Project Survey)

    This is a mandatory activity to ensure that the project is completed by the team.

    Representative Image for Challenge 08 Badge

    (Representative Image for Challenge 08 Badge)

  • Add-On Cybrary Resources for the Project

      • This is link for self motivated exploration about the Phases of the Moon by the participant. 
      • The participant can select different check boxes to derive more information. 
      • This Cybrary can serve as an onset of critical and analytical though process for the higher grade projects of iSTEM.

  • Send a Postcard to Space!

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