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  • Welcome to SpacEdge Academy
    SpacEdge Education (SpacEdge) is excited to have you come onboard a fantastic program - to invigorate and engage teachers and students everywhere to consider Space Exploration, Space Development, Space Settlement, Planetary  Defense- the  protection of  the space near Earth from comets, asteroids-  space weather,  and Space Science in general.  SpacEdge seeks to share how these areas fit into your everyday classroom, after school or informal education programs and relates to the everyday world around us.  Additionally, SpacEdge is involved in launching student experiments into space, either by sounding rockets or  by procuring flights into orbit. 
    The Education Team will demonstrate and pioneer new technologies while inspiring and encouraging space enterprise.  If you are considering joining our team, SpacEdge Education is looking forward to the energy and unique talents you are bringing into the program. Together we will change the world of space around us!
    If you are interested in volunteering for contributions to SpacEdge Academy or for the SpacEdge Team, please send a note to: 

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    Welcome!   My name is Lynne Zielinski and I am the National Space Society's.(NSS) Vice President of Education and Outreach, Director of Education and I sit on the NSS Board of Directors.  SpacEdge Education is the educational arm of NSS and the SpacEdge Academy holds a
    treasure trove of educational and learning tools for you!  I invite you to take a look around the Academy's website,

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    What is the SpacEdge Academy?
    Please view the 1 hr overview on SpacEdge Youtube: