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Title: Venus & Mars: Space Travel Differences for Women and Men

Written by:  Loretta Hall, Space Ambassador, National Space Society

Topics: Life Science, Physical Science, Engineering

Audience: Grades 5 - Adult

Have you considered how women and men acclimate to space travel?

This presentation is classroom-ready to be shared with a inquisitive audience and will provoke interesting questions and stir listeners to find out more about paving the human way to space exploration! 

Loretta Hall is a freelance writer who is primarily interested in researching and writing about humans preparing for and ultimately achieving spaceflight. She has written five books about space travel topics. She is a certified Space Ambassador for the National Space Society, a great organization that works to promote manned space exploration. Its Space Ambassadors give presentations like this one to inform people about space exploration and hopefully generate interest in and enthusiasm for space missions. 

More information about the NSS Space Ambassadors can be found at: