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The projects and activities listed in this category are for High School & University Students. They are designed for students ages 14 though university.

SpacEdge Education, the educational arm of the National Space Society is delighted that you are interested in the debates scheduled for  ISDC 2019 !


In this segment you will find resources, explanations, and tips on the 2019 spUN Debates.  SpacEdge Education is excited to have you participate in the debates this year and know that your experience in international cooperation and collaboration will be amazing!  By joining the spUN Debates you will lend your voice in suggesting the construction of space policy and good governance to pave the way for humankind to  raise and consider issues to help us live harmoniously in space!

Age Group:  10 - 18 years of age

Location:  International students registered at the International Space Development Conference

                  June 6 - 9, 2019

Facilitators:  Frances Dellutri, LJ Edmonds, Apoora B.R., Souvik Mukherjee, Alice Hoffman, Lynne Zielinski