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The projects and activities listed in this category are for High School & University Students. They are designed for students ages 14 though university. Some of these offerings may be student self-directed. 

2023 spUN Debate Program

   The 2023 spUN (space policy and UNiversalization) Debaters come together from around the world.


Newton wins Wren prize proving Kepler and Copernicus to have been correct in asserting heliocentric planetary motion marking the beginning of the Age of Reason.

Author: Peter Higgens
Student Age Level: 14+

Lift is explained as resulting from circulation, and is not the consequence of the widely held but the erroneous equal transit time hypothesis. Both wind tunnel observations and the author's own wing modeling in OpenFoam are used to explain what really happens. It is seen that the vortices that are a danger to following aircraft taking off behind jumbo-jets are also explained as a necessary result of lift generation. This lecture puts the Bernoulli equation in lift generation in proper perspective. The presence of lift in other atmospheres, such as found on Mars, is discussed.

This lesson is intended for high school and lower university levels. It introduces students to the excellent book on the subject by Clancy. Hopefully, some will be inspired to learn computer modeling by looking at the results presented.