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The projects and activities listed in this category are for High School & University Students. They are designed for students ages 14 though university.

Student from India DebatingWelcome to the spUN Debate Prep 2020 Sessions!

These sessions are for the Selected Debaters for NSS spUN Debates 2020 will give you an introduction to debating and pave the way for you and your teammates and coaches (to be announced around March 15, 2020) to begin some great prep for your resolutions (also to be announced around March 15, 2020).

The National Space Society's SpacEdge Education will be hosting a virtual debate tournament in lieu of the proposed on-site debate tournament that was  to be held at The International Space Development Conference in Frisco, TX (suburb of Dallas) May 28-31, 2020.  The ISDC 2020 was cancelled due to the world-wide COVID-19 outbreak.

The  nine spUN Virtual Debate Teams will be comprised of students from India, Romania, and the US and are planned to be held on a virtual platform in late May/early June, 2020.  It is the intention of SpacEdge Education to post the debate tournament on YouTube soon after the virtual debate tournament.